ML Top Picks for 2016

Deposits February 22, 2016
Final day to ticket: April 8, 2016

Fifth Straight Year as Top Global Research Firm

For the fifth consecutive year, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (ML) is Institutional Investor’s “Top Global Research Firm of the Year.” This year, ML captured 242 positions based on the 12 research team surveys published by Institutional Investor. Over the last five years, ML has led this list, which began in 2011 and is one of only two firms whose aggregated totals exceeded 200 positions. In addition, ML took 60 first-place positions in 2015, 16 more than their nearest competition. The ML Global Research franchise covers nearly 3,500 stocks and 1,250 credits globally. 


Access ML Research Analysts’ Best Ideas

On an annual basis, ML Research analysts publish their top picks that represent their best ideas and that they believe will outperform their peers over the next 12 months. When evaluating stocks for their ‘top picks,’ ML analysts assess stocks using the following criteria: volatility risk, investment and income ratings. For the fourth consecutive year, Guggenheim Investments, LLC has licensed the ML Top Picks list and offers investors access to the ML research team’s best ideas through the anticipated UIT - ML Top Picks for 2016. This year’s portfolio consists of the 45 stocks based on the ML Top Picks list.


Merrill Lynch 2016 Outlook:

  • Opportunities with High Quality Companies: Recent market uncertainty suggests an environment of low single digit returns; ML believes investors should favor high quality companies. High quality companies are those with low variability of earnings and can be found in many sectors.1
  • Rising Rate Environment: The ML Equity Team finds that dividend growth stocks have outperformed in past rising rate environments and have a slightly positive correlation with changes in rates.1
  • Favored Sectors: ML favors the information technology and consumer discretionary sectors. Investors’ preference for growth stocks may shift to a value orientation if corporate profits accelerate.2

1 ML RIC 2016 The Year Ahead: It’s a low single-digit world, December 8, 2015.
2 ML RIC Off on the wrong foot, January 12, 2016.

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