Guggenheim Investments is one of the nation’s top ETF providers. Our investment teams have been breaking new ground in ETFs for more than a decade—with many industry “firsts,” like CurrencyShares, BulletShares (target-maturity fixed income ETFs), and equal-weight as well as pure-style equity ETFs.. We offer one of the broadest ETF line-ups in the industry, which investors can use to access new markets and asset classes, and potentially invest more efficiently in traditional assets—through strategies like target-maturity fixed income and innovative equity-index ETFs.

Fixed Income

In addition to Enhanced Short Duration ETF (GSY) and Total Return Bond ETF (GTO), Guggenheim delivers a range of solutions across the yield curve—in both investment grade and high yield bonds. Our BulletShares ETFs were an industry first, giving investors the opportunity to gain targeted yield curve exposure in a cost-efficient, transparent ETF vehicle.



Developing Markets

Guggenheim offers multiple developing markets options, including broad-based Emerging Markets, BRIC, Frontier and individual country exposure (China). Our China ETFs provide exposure to equities, fixed income and currency.


Equity Income

Guggenheim’s equity income ETFs offer a range of approaches to increasing yield. Investors can use our multi-asset ETFs to diversify* beyond dividend paying stocks, without creating undue sector concentration. We offer global dividend paying portfolios, as well as exposure to dividend paying securities from commodity rich countries (Australia, Brazil and Canada).


Pure Style

Our pure style ETFs are designed to more precisely track the performance characteristics of style universes (i.e., growth equities and value equities), compared to conventional style portfolios. The goal is to help investors better capture the spread, and capitalize on performance differences, between styles.



Our core ETFs are designed to provide broad-based exposure to market segments, providing core building blocks for client portfolios.



Our strategies ETFs allow advisors to incorporate broad market themes in their clients’ portfolios—from sentiment-driven positions, to strategies that exploit corporate events and activities (e.g., spin-offs).


Target Beta

For hard-to-access sectors of the market, or for efficient ways to express strategic market views, investors can turn to Guggenheim’s target beta strategies. In addition, investors can use these strategies to target niche market sectors such as timber, shipping, and energy.

*Diversification neither assures a profit nor eliminates the risk of experiencing investment losses.

Guggenheim Investments ETFs may not be suitable for all investors. • Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate so that when shares are redeemed, they may be worth more or less than original cost. Most investors will also incur customary brokerage commissions when buying or selling shares of an ETF. • Investments in securities and derivatives, in general, are subject to market risks that may cause their prices to fluctuate over time. • ETF Shares may trade below their net asset value (“NAV”). The NAV of shares will fluctuate with changes in the market value of an ETF's holdings. In addition, there can be no assurance that an active trading market for shares will develop or be maintained. • Please review a prospectus carefully for more information of the risks associated with each ETF.


Read a prospectus and summary prospectus (if available) carefully before investing. It contains the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information, which should be considered carefully before investing. To obtain a prospectus and summary prospectus (if available) click here or contact us.

Guggenheim Investments represents the investment management businesses of Guggenheim Partners, LLC ("Guggenheim"), which includes Security Investors, LLC ("SI"), Guggenheim Funds Investment Advisors, LLC, ("GFIA") and Guggenheim Partners Investment Management ("GPIM") the investment advisers to the referenced funds. Securities offered through Guggenheim Funds Distributors, LLC, an affiliate of Guggenheim, SI, GFIA and GPIM.


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