Guggenheim S&P SmallCap 600 Pure Value ETF
NAV $62.50
Change -$0.22 | -0.35%
As Of 10/21/16

Investment Objectives

Seeks to replicate as closely as possible, before fees and expenses, the performance of the S&P SmallCap 600 Pure Value Index.

Net Asset Value

as of 10/21/16
NAV  $62.50
Change $-0.22 | -0.35%


Ticker RZV
CUSIP 78355W700
Asset Class Style
Inception Date 3/1/06
Gross Expense Ratio 0.35%
Net Expense Ratio 0.35%
Related Index Ticker SPSPV
Investment Adviser Security Investors, LLC.
Distributor Guggenheim Funds Distributors, LLC.


as of 10/21/16
Volume 526,574
Last Sale Price $62.43
52-Week Range $63.85 / $45.45
Shares Outstanding 2,700,040
Total Net Assets $168,753,479.84

Market Close

as of 10/21/16
Close  $62.43
Change $-0.24 | -0.38%
High | Low $62.83 | $62.14
Bid/Ask Midpoint  $62.45
Premium / Discount  -0.08%

Historical Bid/Ask Midpoint to NAV

as of 10/21/16
  Days % of Total Days
Premium 1000 37.30%
Discount 1489 55.54%
Equal to NAV 192 7.16%
Total 2681 100.00%


as of 10/21/16
Number of Stocks 150
Return on Equity (quarterly 9/30/16) -3.51%
Price to Earning (P/E) 13.27
Price to Book (P/B) 0.86
Dividend Amount $0.11
Ex-Dividend Date N/A


as of 9/30/16
Standard Deviation Sharpe Ratio Beta R-Squared
18.40 0.27 1.02 99.77


Standard Deviation A statistical measure of the historical volatility of an investment, computed using 36 monthly returns. More generally, a measure of the extent to which numbers are spread around their average. The higher the number, the more volatility is to be expected.
Sharpe Ratio A risk-adjusted measure developed by William F. Sharpe, calculated using standard deviation and excess return to determine reward per unit of risk. The higher the Sharpe ratio, the better the fund's risk-adjusted performance.
Beta Beta is a statistical measure of volatility relative to the overall market, usually the S&P 500. A positive beta indicates movement in the same direction as the market, while a negative beta indicates movement inverse to the market. Beta for the market is generally considered to be 1. A beta above 1 or below -1 indicates more volatility than the market. A beta between 1 to -1 indicates less volatility than the market.
A measurement of how closely an investment's performance correlates with the performance of a benchmark, such as the S&P 500, and thus a measurement of what portion of its performance may be explained by the performance of the overall market or index. Values for R-squared range from 0 to 100, where 0 indicates no correlation and 100 indicates perfect correlation.
Return on Equity Measures a company’s profitability by demonstrating how much profit a company generates with money invested by shareholders. It is calculated by dividing a company’s 12 month net income by shareholder equity and is expressed as a percentage.
Price to Earns (P/E) The weighted average of each individual stock’s P/E ratio. The P/E ratio of a stock is calculated by dividing the current price of the stock by its trailing 12 month’s earnings per share.
Price to Book (P/B) The market price of a stock divided by the book value per share.

NAV is the price per share at which each Fund issues and redeems shares. The net asset value per share for each Fund is determined once daily as of the close of the listing exchange, usually 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, each day the listing exchange is open for trading. NAV per share is determined by dividing the value of the Fund’s portfolio securities, cash and other assets (including accrued interest), less all liabilities (including accrued expenses), by the total number of shares outstanding.

The closing price is the price of the last reported trade on any exchange on which the Fund trades before the market closes, usually at 4 pm Eastern time.

The bid/ask midpoint is the midpoint of the highest bid and lowest offer on the listing exchange at the time that the NAV is calculated, usually 4 pm Eastern time.

The premium/discount is the amount the Fund is trading higher (“premium”) or lower (“discount”) to its NAV, expressed as a percentage of its bid/ask midpoint to its NAV. A positive number indicates it’s trading at premium and a negative number indicates it’s trading at a discount.


as of 10/21/2016
Total Assets $168,753,480
Number of Stocks 150
Percent Stock 99.94%
Percent Cash / Other 0.06%

Sectors / Industries

as of 10/21/16


as of 10/21/16

Security Name Ticker Shares
% of Net Assets Sector / Industry
Century Aluminum Co CENX 587,201 $4,233,719.21 2.51% Materials
EZCORP INC EZPW 321,529 $3,491,804.94 2.07% Financials
ORION GROUP HOLDINGS INC ORN 394,021 $3,207,330.94 1.90% Industrials
SPX CORP SPXC 159,155 $3,181,508.45 1.89% Industrials
BIG 5 SPORTING GOODS CORP BGFV 172,886 $2,852,619.00 1.69% Consumer Discretionary
CHEMOURS CO CC 161,706 $2,715,043.74 1.61% Materials
SKYWEST, INC. SKYW 90,198 $2,714,959.80 1.61% Industrials
CHART INDUSTRIES INC GTLS 76,251 $2,440,794.51 1.45% Industrials
ARCHROCK INC AROC 194,225 $2,427,812.50 1.44% Energy
TTM TECHNOLOGIES INC TTMI 192,933 $2,247,669.45 1.33% Information Technology
COMMUNITY HEALTH SYSTEMS CYH 211,303 $2,191,212.11 1.30% Health Care
KELLY SERVICES INC KELYA 118,539 $2,188,229.94 1.30% Industrials
EXTERRAN CORP EXTN 127,065 $2,156,293.05 1.28% Energy
SANMINA-SCI CORP SANM 74,046 $2,110,311.00 1.25% Information Technology
SPARTANNASH CO SPTN 76,183 $2,091,223.35 1.24% Consumer Staples
BENCHMARK ELECTRONICS INC BHE 80,830 $2,049,040.50 1.21% Information Technology
MYR GROUP INC/DE MYRG 68,008 $2,016,437.20 1.19% Industrials
CLOUD PEAK ENERG CLD 336,945 $1,984,606.05 1.18% Energy
SENECA FOODS-A SENEA 68,833 $1,975,507.10 1.17% Consumer Staples
BEL FUSE INC BELFB 80,397 $1,933,547.85 1.15% Information Technology
HELIX ENERGY SOLUTIONS GR HLX 191,667 $1,930,086.69 1.14% Energy
ENOVA INTERNATIONAL INC ENVA 206,405 $1,888,605.75 1.12% Financials
TIMKENSTEEL CORP TMST 169,743 $1,884,147.30 1.12% Materials
GREEN PLAINS REN GPRE 69,576 $1,861,158.00 1.10% Energy
VERITIV CORP VRTV 33,125 $1,777,156.25 1.05% Industrials
ATWOOD OCEANICS INC ATW 188,612 $1,744,661.00 1.03% Energy
GREENBRIER COS INC GBX 46,245 $1,687,942.50 1.00% Industrials
INSIGHT ENTERPRISES INC NSIT 50,617 $1,673,398.02 0.99% Information Technology
FINISH LINE/THE FINL 79,890 $1,661,712.00 0.98% Consumer Discretionary
BARNES & NOBLE EDUCATION BNED 172,269 $1,653,782.40 0.98% Consumer Discretionary
SUNCOKE ENERGY I SXC 178,973 $1,646,551.60 0.98% Materials
SHOE CARNIVAL INC SCVL 62,344 $1,604,734.56 0.95% Consumer Discretionary
ANDERSONS, INC. ANDE 42,969 $1,592,001.45 0.94% Consumer Staples
ATLAS AIR WORLDWIDE AAWW 36,849 $1,564,240.05 0.93% Industrials
DARLING INTERNATIONAL INC DAR 113,705 $1,535,017.50 0.91% Consumer Staples
GULF ISLAND FABRICATION I GIFI 149,383 $1,531,175.75 0.91% Energy
GLATFELTER GLT 70,101 $1,508,573.52 0.89% Materials
RENT-A-CENTER, INC RCII 157,248 $1,493,856.00 0.89% Consumer Discretionary
ZUMIEZ INC ZUMZ 65,929 $1,483,402.50 0.88% Consumer Discretionary
ROADRUNNER TRANS RRTS 192,621 $1,479,329.28 0.88% Industrials
TITAN INTERNATIONAL INC TWI 143,077 $1,475,123.87 0.87% Industrials
ARCBEST CORP ARCB 75,528 $1,461,466.80 0.87% Industrials
TAILORED BRANDS, INC TLRD 86,397 $1,433,326.23 0.85% Consumer Discretionary
FIRST BANCORP/PUERTO RICO FBP 274,355 $1,432,133.10 0.85% Financials
NEWPARK RESOURCES NR 195,968 $1,410,969.60 0.84% Energy
ABM INDUSTRIES INC ABM 36,797 $1,397,550.06 0.83% Industrials
ICONIX BRAND GROUP INC ICON 183,619 $1,388,159.64 0.82% Consumer Discretionary
PIPER JAFFRAY COS PJC 26,139 $1,347,465.45 0.80% Financials
MAGELLAN HEALTH SERVICES MGLN 23,936 $1,323,182.08 0.78% Health Care
SAIA, INC. SAIA 45,028 $1,318,870.12 0.78% Industrials
SCANSOURCE INC SCSC 36,168 $1,309,281.60 0.78% Information Technology
WORLD ACCEPTANCE CORP WRLD 26,305 $1,302,360.55 0.77% Financials
OLYMPIC STEEL INC ZEUS 55,393 $1,295,642.27 0.77% Materials
PLEXUS CORPORATION PLXS 27,521 $1,251,104.66 0.74% Information Technology
INTL FCSTONE INC INTL 32,785 $1,224,191.90 0.73% Financials
STAGE STORES INC SSI 232,345 $1,210,517.45 0.72% Consumer Discretionary
GENESCO INC GCO 21,629 $1,205,816.75 0.71% Consumer Discretionary
TUESDAY MORNING CORP TUES 199,125 $1,154,925.00 0.68% Consumer Discretionary
LSB INDUSTRIES INC LXU 172,511 $1,138,572.60 0.67% Materials
ANIXTER INTERNATIONAL INC AXE 18,018 $1,092,791.70 0.65% Information Technology
UNIVERSAL CORP/RICHMOND V UVV 19,257 $1,071,652.05 0.64% Consumer Staples
MATERION CORP MTRN 35,843 $1,053,784.20 0.62% Materials
PERRY ELLIS INTERNATIONAL PERY 56,604 $1,051,702.32 0.62% Consumer Discretionary
CELADON GROUP INC CGI 153,039 $1,051,377.93 0.62% Industrials
ABERCROMBIE & FITCH ANF 66,720 $1,050,840.00 0.62% Consumer Discretionary
OFG BANCORP OFG 104,828 $1,039,893.76 0.62% Financials
BARNES & NOBLE INC BKS 96,337 $1,035,622.75 0.61% Consumer Discretionary
LUMBER LIQUIDATORS HLDNGS LL 53,612 $1,030,422.64 0.61% Consumer Discretionary
POWELL INDUSTRIES INC POWL 27,231 $1,018,711.71 0.60% Industrials
SEACOR SMIT INC CKH 17,186 $1,015,177.02 0.60% Energy
PIONEER ENERGY SERVICES PES 236,286 $1,004,215.50 0.60% Energy
BRIGGS & STRATTON CORP BGG 51,926 $985,036.22 0.58% Industrials
CENTRAL GARDEN AND PET CO CENTA 41,107 $971,358.41 0.58% Consumer Staples
SPX FLOW INC FLOW 35,671 $964,187.13 0.57% Industrials
AAR CORP AIR 30,554 $963,367.62 0.57% Industrials
SUPERIOR INDUSTRIES INTER SUP 34,030 $935,484.70 0.55% Consumer Discretionary
HUB GROUP INC HUBG 23,687 $926,161.70 0.55% Industrials
KINDRED HEALTHCARE, INC. KND 94,135 $925,347.05 0.55% Health Care
SELECT MEDICAL SEM 71,053 $921,557.41 0.55% Health Care
RUBY TUESDAY INC RT 296,502 $919,156.20 0.54% Consumer Discretionary
ANGIODYNAMICS INC ANGO 54,163 $914,813.07 0.54% Health Care
MANTECH INTERNATIONAL COR MANT 23,210 $909,832.00 0.54% Information Technology
ERA GROUP-W/I ERA 105,304 $896,137.04 0.53% Energy
SONIC AUTOMOTIVE INC SAH 48,749 $889,669.25 0.53% Consumer Discretionary
IRIDIUM COMMUNIC IRDM 103,209 $880,372.77 0.52% Telecommunication Services
CDI CORP CDI 139,958 $864,940.44 0.51% Industrials
GROUP 1 AUTOMOTIVE INC GPI 13,908 $829,751.28 0.49% Consumer Discretionary
SANDERSON FARMS INC SAFM 9,426 $827,979.84 0.49% Consumer Staples
BOISE CASCADE CO BCC 34,712 $815,037.76 0.48% Materials
ECHO GLOBAL LOGI ECHO 35,442 $799,217.10 0.47% Industrials
CALAMOS ASSET MANAGEMENT CLMS 123,982 $782,326.42 0.46% Financials
CHILDRENS PLACE RETAIL ST PLCE 10,236 $760,023.00 0.45% Consumer Discretionary
REX AMERICAN RESOURCES CO REX 9,482 $757,611.80 0.45% Energy
HEALTHWAYS, INC. HWAY 29,018 $747,793.86 0.44% Health Care
BIGLARI HOLDINGS INC. BH 1,628 $715,375.76 0.42% Consumer Discretionary
HORNBECK OFFSHORE SERVICE HOS 121,819 $695,586.49 0.41% Energy
CALERES INC CAL 27,065 $692,593.35 0.41% Consumer Discretionary
STEWART INFORMATION SERVI STC 15,418 $689,492.96 0.41% Financials
BLACK BOX CORP BBOX 55,090 $677,607.00 0.40% Information Technology
INFINITY PROP & CASUALTY IPCC 8,322 $670,753.20 0.40% Financials
KIRKLAND'S INC KIRK 51,528 $654,920.88 0.39% Consumer Discretionary
CAPSTEAD MORTGAGE CORP CMO 69,928 $646,834.00 0.38% Financials
ESSENDANT INC ESND 35,117 $645,801.63 0.38% Industrials
STEIN MART INC SMRT 104,184 $638,647.92 0.38% Consumer Discretionary
INNOPHOS HOLDINGS INC IPHS 15,045 $624,066.60 0.37% Materials
ENGILITY HOLDING EGL 21,266 $621,179.86 0.37% Industrials
CLEARWATER PAPER CORP CLW 11,041 $618,737.64 0.37% Materials
SCHULMAN A INC SHLM 21,493 $610,938.53 0.36% Materials
HORACE MANN EDUCATORS COR HMN 16,527 $599,103.75 0.36% Financials
WOLVERINE WORLD WIDE INC WWW 27,868 $584,391.96 0.35% Consumer Discretionary
NAVIGATORS GROUP INC NAVG 6,240 $583,003.20 0.35% Financials
FRED'S INC FRED 63,713 $573,417.00 0.34% Consumer Discretionary
AEGION CORP AEGN 30,291 $566,441.70 0.34% Industrials
ARCTIC CAT INC. ACAT 36,416 $561,170.56 0.33% Consumer Discretionary
KAMAN CORP KAMN 13,275 $556,753.50 0.33% Industrials
STEPAN CO SCL 7,708 $556,209.28 0.33% Materials
BLUCORA INC BCOR 46,807 $545,301.55 0.32% Information Technology
KULICKE & SOFFA INDUSTRIE KLIC 40,256 $539,430.40 0.32% Information Technology
GREEN DOT CORP-A GDOT 23,641 $539,251.21 0.32% Financials
VIAD CORP VVI 15,210 $537,673.50 0.32% Industrials
FTD COS INC FTD 26,035 $535,279.60 0.32% Consumer Discretionary
MARTEN TRANSPORT LTD MRTN 25,742 $517,414.20 0.31% Industrials
ASTEC INDUSTRIES INC ASTE 8,245 $491,566.90 0.29% Industrials
CIBER INC CBR 491,522 $486,606.78 0.29% Information Technology
AMERICAN EQUITY INVESTMEN AEL 27,558 $486,398.70 0.29% Financials
CACI INTERNATIONAL INC CACI 4,764 $477,114.60 0.28% Information Technology
VITAMIN SHOPPE VSI 16,811 $465,664.70 0.28% Consumer Discretionary
ENCORE CAPITAL GROUP INC ECPG 22,256 $442,894.40 0.26% Financials
REGIS CORP RGS 37,159 $436,618.25 0.26% Consumer Discretionary
SCHOLASTIC CORP SCHL 11,275 $431,381.50 0.26% Consumer Discretionary
BRISTOW GROUP INC BRS 36,767 $425,026.52 0.25% Energy
COMTECH TELECOMMUNICATION CMTL 41,040 $423,943.20 0.25% Information Technology
TREDEGAR CORP TG 22,422 $418,170.30 0.25% Materials
HAYNES INTERNATIONAL HAYN 11,662 $414,817.34 0.25% Materials
PHARMERICA CORP PMC 14,707 $400,618.68 0.24% Health Care
APPLIED INDUSTRIAL TECH AIT 8,877 $397,867.14 0.24% Industrials
UNIFI INC UFI 13,585 $395,866.90 0.23% Consumer Discretionary
BROOKS AUTOMATION INC BRKS 30,058 $395,262.70 0.23% Information Technology
MOVADO GROUP INC MOV 16,908 $371,976.00 0.22% Consumer Discretionary
DAKTRONICS INC DAKT 43,317 $362,996.46 0.22% Information Technology
VERA BRADLEY INC VRA 27,071 $362,751.40 0.21% Consumer Discretionary
GANNETT CO INC GCI 31,807 $331,747.01 0.20% Consumer Discretionary
RR DONNELLEY & SONS CO RRD 16,512 $316,700.16 0.19% Industrials
CENTRAL GARDEN CENT 12,433 $305,354.48 0.18% Consumer Staples
INVACARE CORP IVC 29,124 $302,889.60 0.18% Health Care
EXPRESS INC EXPR 25,110 $296,800.20 0.18% Consumer Discretionary
INTREPID POTASH INC IPI 256,246 $279,308.14 0.17% Materials
TIDEWATER TDW 76,953 $230,089.47 0.14% Energy
DONNELLEY FINANCIAL SOLU DFIN 6,192 $154,923.84 0.09% Financials
LSC COMMUNICATIONS INC LKSD 6,192 $153,252.00 0.09% Industrials


Performance displayed represents past performance, which is no guarantee of future results. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate so that when shares are redeemed, they may be worth more or less than original cost. Total returns reflect the reinvestment of all dividends. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. For up-to-date fund performance, including performance current to the most recent month-end, please visit the ETF performance page. ETFs are subject to third party transaction fees/commissions. Net asset value (NAV) is calculated by subtracting total liabilities from total assets, then dividing by the number of shares outstanding. Market close is the last price at which shares are traded. Fund shares may trade at, above or below NAV. For additional information, see the fund’s prospectus.

Performance results for periods under one year are short-term and may not provide an adequate basis for evaluating the performance potential of the fund over varying market conditions or economic cycles.

Pure style ETFs may not be suitable for all investors. The ETFs are subject to the risk that large, medium and small-capitalization stocks may under-perform other segments of the equity market or the equity market as a whole •Value stocks are subject to the risk that the intrinsic value of the stock may never be realized by the market or that the price goes down. Growth stocks typically invest a high portion of their earnings back into their business and may lack the dividend yield that could cushion their decline in a market downturn. Growth stocks may be more volatile than other stocks because they are more sensitive to investor perceptions regarding the growth potential of the issuing company. • The Funds are subject to the risk that unanticipated early closings of securities exchanges and other financial markets may result in the Fund’s inability to buy or sell securities or other financial instruments on that day. • In certain circumstances, it may be difficult for the Funds to purchase and sell particular investments within a reasonable time at a fair price. • Investments in securities, in general, are subject to market risks that may cause their prices to fluctuate over time. An investment in the Funds may lose money. • Unlike many investment companies, the Funds are not actively "managed." This means that based on market and economic conditions, the Fund’s’ performance could be lower than other types of funds that may actively shift their portfolio assets to take advantage of market opportunities or to lessen the impact of a market decline. • Tracking error risk refers to the risk that the Advisor may not be able to cause the Funds’ performance to match or correlate to that of the Funds’ Underlying Index, either on a daily or aggregate basis. Tracking error risk may cause the Funds’ performance to be less than you expect. • Shares may trade below their net asset value ("NAV"). The NAV of shares will fluctuate with changes in the market value of the Funds’ holdings. In addition, although the Funds’ shares are currently listed on NYSE Arca, Inc. (the "Exchange"), there can be no assurance that an active trading market for shares will develop or be maintained. • Each Fund is considered nondiversified and can invest a greater portion of its assets in securities of individual issuers than a diversified Fund. As a result, changes in the market value of a single security could cause greater fluctuations in the value of fund shares than would occur in a more diversified Fund. •See Prospectus for more details

Composition is subject to change. Information provided is for illustration purposes only and may not reflect current investments by the fund. Referenced companies are not affiliated with Guggenheim Investments and Guggenheim Investments does not sponsor, endorse, sell or promote the referenced companies.

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Read a prospectus and summary prospectus (if available) carefully before investing. It contains the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information, which should be considered carefully before investing. To obtain a prospectus and summary prospectus (if available) click here or contact us.

Guggenheim Investments represents the investment management businesses of Guggenheim Partners, LLC ("Guggenheim"), which includes Security Investors, LLC ("SI"), Guggenheim Funds Investment Advisors, LLC, ("GFIA") and Guggenheim Partners Investment Management ("GPIM") the investment advisers to the referenced funds. Securities offered through Guggenheim Funds Distributors, LLC, an affiliate of Guggenheim, SI, GFIA and GPIM.


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