Guggenheim S&P MidCap 400 Pure Value ETF
NAV $54.80
Change -$0.07 | -0.13%
As Of 10/21/16

Investment Objectives

Seeks to replicate as closely as possible, before fees and expenses, the performance of the S&P MidCap 400 Pure Value Index.

Net Asset Value

as of 10/21/16
NAV  $54.80
Change $-0.07 | -0.13%


Ticker RFV
CUSIP 78355W502
Asset Class Style
Inception Date 3/1/06
Gross Expense Ratio 0.35%
Net Expense Ratio 0.35%
Related Index Ticker SPMPV
Investment Adviser Security Investors, LLC.
Distributor Guggenheim Funds Distributors, LLC.


as of N/A
Volume N/A
Last Sale Price N/A
52-Week Range N/A / N/A
Shares Outstanding 2,450,499
Total Net Assets $134,288,605.84

Market Close

as of 10/20/16
Close  $54.87
Change $-0.13 | -0.24%
High | Low $54.97 | $54.49
Bid/Ask Midpoint  $54.86
Premium / Discount  -0.03%

Historical Bid/Ask Midpoint to NAV

as of 10/20/16
  Days % of Total Days
Premium 998 37.24%
Discount 1302 48.58%
Equal to NAV 380 14.18%
Total 2680 100.00%


as of N/A
Number of Stocks 96
Return on Equity (quarterly N/A) N/A
Price to Earning (P/E) N/A
Price to Book (P/B) N/A
Dividend Amount $0.15
Ex-Dividend Date N/A


as of N/A
Standard Deviation Sharpe Ratio Beta R-Squared


Standard Deviation A statistical measure of the historical volatility of an investment, computed using 36 monthly returns. More generally, a measure of the extent to which numbers are spread around their average. The higher the number, the more volatility is to be expected.
Sharpe Ratio A risk-adjusted measure developed by William F. Sharpe, calculated using standard deviation and excess return to determine reward per unit of risk. The higher the Sharpe ratio, the better the fund's risk-adjusted performance.
Beta Beta is a statistical measure of volatility relative to the overall market, usually the S&P 500. A positive beta indicates movement in the same direction as the market, while a negative beta indicates movement inverse to the market. Beta for the market is generally considered to be 1. A beta above 1 or below -1 indicates more volatility than the market. A beta between 1 to -1 indicates less volatility than the market.
A measurement of how closely an investment's performance correlates with the performance of a benchmark, such as the S&P 500, and thus a measurement of what portion of its performance may be explained by the performance of the overall market or index. Values for R-squared range from 0 to 100, where 0 indicates no correlation and 100 indicates perfect correlation.
Return on Equity Measures a company’s profitability by demonstrating how much profit a company generates with money invested by shareholders. It is calculated by dividing a company’s 12 month net income by shareholder equity and is expressed as a percentage.
Price to Earns (P/E) The weighted average of each individual stock’s P/E ratio. The P/E ratio of a stock is calculated by dividing the current price of the stock by its trailing 12 month’s earnings per share.
Price to Book (P/B) The market price of a stock divided by the book value per share.

NAV is the price per share at which each Fund issues and redeems shares. The net asset value per share for each Fund is determined once daily as of the close of the listing exchange, usually 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, each day the listing exchange is open for trading. NAV per share is determined by dividing the value of the Fund’s portfolio securities, cash and other assets (including accrued interest), less all liabilities (including accrued expenses), by the total number of shares outstanding.

The closing price is the price of the last reported trade on any exchange on which the Fund trades before the market closes, usually at 4 pm Eastern time.

The bid/ask midpoint is the midpoint of the highest bid and lowest offer on the listing exchange at the time that the NAV is calculated, usually 4 pm Eastern time.

The premium/discount is the amount the Fund is trading higher (“premium”) or lower (“discount”) to its NAV, expressed as a percentage of its bid/ask midpoint to its NAV. A positive number indicates it’s trading at premium and a negative number indicates it’s trading at a discount.


as of 10/21/2016
Total Assets $134,288,606
Number of Stocks 96
Percent Stock 99.82%
Percent Cash / Other 0.18%

Sectors / Industries

as of 10/21/16


as of 10/21/16

Security Name Ticker Shares
% of Net Assets Sector / Industry
JOY GLOBAL, INC. JOY 203,943 $5,687,970.27 4.24% Industrials
TALEN ENERGY TLN 295,106 $4,113,777.64 3.06% Utilities
UNITED STATES STEEL CORP X 199,640 $3,948,879.20 2.94% Materials
ALLEGHENY TECHNOLOGIES ATI 170,970 $3,038,136.90 2.26% Materials
WPX ENERGY INC. WPX 231,014 $2,929,257.52 2.18% Energy
TEREX CORP. TEX 117,729 $2,914,970.04 2.17% Industrials
COMPUTER SCIENCES CORP CSC 50,860 $2,822,221.40 2.10% Information Technology
KB HOME KBH 189,701 $2,796,192.74 2.08% Consumer Discretionary
TECH DATA CORP TECD 33,690 $2,662,857.60 1.98% Information Technology
COMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY CMC 150,548 $2,468,987.20 1.84% Materials
INGRAM MICRO INC CL A IM 67,146 $2,415,241.62 1.80% Information Technology
RELIANCE STEEL & ALUMINUM RS 35,183 $2,405,109.88 1.79% Materials
ARROW ELEC ARW 39,106 $2,401,890.52 1.79% Information Technology
SM ENERGY CO SM 60,241 $2,371,688.17 1.77% Energy
REINSURANCE GROUP OF AMER RGA 20,482 $2,207,345.14 1.64% Financials
WORLD FUEL SERVICES INT 44,591 $2,078,386.51 1.55% Energy
AVNET INC. AVT 48,764 $2,048,575.64 1.53% Information Technology
GREIF BROS CORP GEF 42,017 $2,008,412.60 1.50% Materials
TELEPHONE DATA SYS TDS 74,885 $1,988,196.75 1.48% Telecommunication Services
STEEL DYNAMICS INC STLD 74,748 $1,969,609.80 1.47% Materials
UNITED NATURAL FOODS INC UNFI 47,606 $1,946,609.34 1.45% Consumer Staples
DOMTAR CORP. UFS 50,761 $1,859,883.04 1.38% Materials
CONSOL ENERGY INC CNX 102,826 $1,790,200.66 1.33% Energy
CST BRANDS CST 36,791 $1,769,279.19 1.32% Consumer Discretionary
ENDURANCE SPECIALTY HOLD ENH 18,706 $1,718,894.34 1.28% Financials
DIAMOND OFFSHORE DRILLING DO 93,651 $1,629,527.40 1.21% Energy
KLX INC KLXI 48,142 $1,623,829.66 1.21% Industrials
VISHAY INTERTECH INC VSH 114,908 $1,611,010.16 1.20% Information Technology
MDU RESOURCES GROUP INC MDU 63,545 $1,597,521.30 1.19% Utilities
SYNNEX CORPORATION SNX 14,815 $1,550,982.35 1.15% Information Technology
GENWORTH FINANCIAL, INC. GNW 290,850 $1,515,328.50 1.13% Financials
AARON'S INC AAN 63,581 $1,476,986.63 1.10% Consumer Discretionary
GAMESTOP CORP GME 58,809 $1,470,813.09 1.10% Consumer Discretionary
DEVRY EDUCATION GROUP INC DV 63,939 $1,448,857.74 1.08% Consumer Discretionary
MURPHY USA INC MUSA 20,918 $1,435,183.98 1.07% Consumer Discretionary
OSHKOSH CORPORATION OSK 26,669 $1,427,591.57 1.06% Industrials
TRIUMPH GROUP INC TGI 59,934 $1,420,435.80 1.06% Industrials
TRINITY INDUSTRIES TRN 60,255 $1,412,377.20 1.05% Industrials
JABIL CIRCUIT, INC. JBL 64,016 $1,387,866.88 1.03% Information Technology
AECOM TECHNOLOGY CORP ACM 50,769 $1,370,255.31 1.02% Industrials
PATTERSON-UTI ENERGY INC PTEN 56,137 $1,369,742.80 1.02% Energy
MANPOWERGROUP MAN 16,937 $1,354,790.63 1.01% Industrials
ASPEN INSURANCE HOLDINGS AHL 26,769 $1,316,767.11 0.98% Financials
AGCO CORPORATION AGCO 24,753 $1,270,076.43 0.95% Industrials
HANCOCK HOLDING CO HBHC 37,493 $1,257,890.15 0.94% Financials
OWENS & MINOR OMI 37,107 $1,227,499.56 0.91% Health Care
DANA HOLDING CORP DAN 81,325 $1,215,808.75 0.91% Consumer Discretionary
HANOVER INSURANCE GROUP THG 14,681 $1,136,896.64 0.85% Financials
3D SYSTEMS CORPORATION DDD 82,179 $1,132,426.62 0.84% Information Technology
KEMPER CORP KMPR 30,091 $1,125,403.40 0.84% Financials
SENIOR HOUSING PROPERTIES SNH 51,157 $1,097,317.65 0.82% Real Estate
EMCOR GROUP INC EME 19,256 $1,080,646.72 0.80% Industrials
CNO FINANCIAL GROUP INC CNO 69,639 $1,068,958.65 0.80% Financials
EVEREST RE GROUP RE 5,490 $1,059,130.80 0.79% Financials
FTI CONSULTING INC FCN 23,610 $1,052,769.90 0.78% Industrials
DICK'S SPORTING GOODS INC DKS 18,427 $1,046,285.06 0.78% Consumer Discretionary
BIG LOTS, INC. BIG 23,302 $1,041,133.36 0.78% Consumer Discretionary
GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO GHC 2,206 $1,034,481.64 0.77% Consumer Discretionary
LIFEPOINT HOSPITALS INC LPNT 16,065 $987,194.25 0.74% Health Care
DEAN FOODS COMPANY DF 56,615 $940,375.15 0.70% Consumer Staples
TENET HEALTHCARE CORP THC 39,228 $923,034.84 0.69% Health Care
ALLEGHANY CORPORATION Y 1,777 $913,271.38 0.68% Financials
FOSSIL GROUP INC FOSL 32,075 $910,930.00 0.68% Consumer Discretionary
WESTERN REFINING INC WNR 28,747 $879,945.67 0.66% Energy
WORTHINGTON INDUSTRIES IN WOR 17,890 $856,215.40 0.64% Materials
CARPENTER TECHNOLOGY CRS 21,552 $842,036.64 0.63% Materials
NOW INC/DE DNOW 36,724 $806,459.04 0.60% Industrials
FIRST AMERICAN FINANCIAL FAF 20,586 $804,089.16 0.60% Financials
OIL STATES INTERNATIONAL OIS 24,625 $778,642.50 0.58% Energy
BERKLEY (WR) CORP WRB 13,690 $764,723.40 0.57% Financials
CABELA'S INC CAB 12,133 $756,735.21 0.56% Consumer Discretionary
J C PENNEY JCP 83,943 $742,056.12 0.55% Consumer Discretionary
GREAT PLAINS ENERGY, INC. GXP 26,637 $734,115.72 0.55% Utilities
OLIN CORP OLN 32,945 $719,518.80 0.54% Materials
AVIS BUDGET GROUP INC CAR 22,168 $695,631.84 0.52% Industrials
DECKERS OUTDOOR CORP DECK 12,652 $685,105.80 0.51% Consumer Discretionary
LEXMARK INTERNATIONAL INC LXK 17,148 $684,891.12 0.51% Information Technology
NOBLE CORP NE 113,850 $679,684.50 0.51% Energy
TRUSTMARK CORP TRMK 24,301 $671,193.62 0.50% Financials
OFFICE DEPOT INC. ODP 199,809 $651,377.34 0.49% Consumer Discretionary
ASSOCIATED BANC CORP ASB 33,369 $650,695.50 0.48% Financials
REGAL-BELOIT CORP. RBC 10,936 $638,115.60 0.48% Industrials
GRANITE CONSTRUCTION INC GVA 14,298 $622,391.94 0.46% Industrials
PNM RESOURCES INC PNM 19,055 $607,854.50 0.45% Utilities
PROSPERITY BANCSHARES INC PB 10,739 $606,109.16 0.45% Financials
UMPQUA HOLDINGS CORP UMPQ 39,170 $604,393.10 0.45% Financials
GATX CORP. GATX 12,678 $591,175.14 0.44% Industrials
STIFEL FINANCIAL CORP. SF 15,223 $583,954.28 0.43% Financials
ASCENA RETAIL GROUP INC ASNA 113,860 $556,775.40 0.41% Consumer Discretionary
GUESS? INC GES 39,843 $552,622.41 0.41% Consumer Discretionary
ONE GAS INC OGS 9,079 $549,461.08 0.41% Utilities
HOLLYFRONTIER CORP HFC 22,202 $542,616.88 0.40% Energy
HAWAIIAN ELECTRIC INDUSTR HE 17,605 $505,087.45 0.38% Utilities
INTERNATIONAL BANCSHARES IBOC 16,489 $502,749.61 0.37% Financials
TCF FINANCIAL CORP TCB 31,914 $461,157.30 0.34% Financials
ROWAN COMPANIES INC RDC 28,909 $420,915.04 0.31% Energy


Performance displayed represents past performance, which is no guarantee of future results. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate so that when shares are redeemed, they may be worth more or less than original cost. Total returns reflect the reinvestment of all dividends. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. For up-to-date fund performance, including performance current to the most recent month-end, please visit the ETF performance page. ETFs are subject to third party transaction fees/commissions. Net asset value (NAV) is calculated by subtracting total liabilities from total assets, then dividing by the number of shares outstanding. Market close is the last price at which shares are traded. Fund shares may trade at, above or below NAV. For additional information, see the fund’s prospectus.

Performance results for periods under one year are short-term and may not provide an adequate basis for evaluating the performance potential of the fund over varying market conditions or economic cycles.

Pure style ETFs may not be suitable for all investors. The ETFs are subject to the risk that large, medium and small-capitalization stocks may under-perform other segments of the equity market or the equity market as a whole •Value stocks are subject to the risk that the intrinsic value of the stock may never be realized by the market or that the price goes down. Growth stocks typically invest a high portion of their earnings back into their business and may lack the dividend yield that could cushion their decline in a market downturn. Growth stocks may be more volatile than other stocks because they are more sensitive to investor perceptions regarding the growth potential of the issuing company. • The Funds are subject to the risk that unanticipated early closings of securities exchanges and other financial markets may result in the Fund’s inability to buy or sell securities or other financial instruments on that day. • In certain circumstances, it may be difficult for the Funds to purchase and sell particular investments within a reasonable time at a fair price. • Investments in securities, in general, are subject to market risks that may cause their prices to fluctuate over time. An investment in the Funds may lose money. • Unlike many investment companies, the Funds are not actively "managed." This means that based on market and economic conditions, the Fund’s’ performance could be lower than other types of funds that may actively shift their portfolio assets to take advantage of market opportunities or to lessen the impact of a market decline. • Tracking error risk refers to the risk that the Advisor may not be able to cause the Funds’ performance to match or correlate to that of the Funds’ Underlying Index, either on a daily or aggregate basis. Tracking error risk may cause the Funds’ performance to be less than you expect. • Shares may trade below their net asset value ("NAV"). The NAV of shares will fluctuate with changes in the market value of the Funds’ holdings. In addition, although the Funds’ shares are currently listed on NYSE Arca, Inc. (the "Exchange"), there can be no assurance that an active trading market for shares will develop or be maintained. • Each Fund is considered nondiversified and can invest a greater portion of its assets in securities of individual issuers than a diversified Fund. As a result, changes in the market value of a single security could cause greater fluctuations in the value of fund shares than would occur in a more diversified Fund. •See Prospectus for more details

Composition is subject to change. Information provided is for illustration purposes only and may not reflect current investments by the fund. Referenced companies are not affiliated with Guggenheim Investments and Guggenheim Investments does not sponsor, endorse, sell or promote the referenced companies.

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Read a prospectus and summary prospectus (if available) carefully before investing. It contains the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information, which should be considered carefully before investing. To obtain a prospectus and summary prospectus (if available) click here or contact us.

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