Core and Core Plus Fixed Income

Multi-sector approach designed to meet our clients’ core and core plus
investment objectives

We build portfolios by focusing on the investment objectives of our clients rather than the weights of a generic benchmark. In 1999, we began managing Core Fixed Income portfolios for insurance companies, partnering with them to build investment solutions tailored to their unique objectives, including risk and asset-liability management, regulatory support and rating agency support. This objectives-driven approach provided the foundation for our Core and Core Plus strategies, which we have expanded to meet the complex challenges faced by other institutional investors, including public and corporate pension plans and endowments and foundations.

Strong Track Record*
Our strategy has a track record of delivering attractive results: Guggenheim's returns rank in top 1% for the last 1-, 3- and 5- year periods, while the strategy's information ratio ranks in the top 4% or better over the same time periods. 

Guggenheim Uncovers Value Across Full Fixed Income Spectrum
The Barclays U.S. Aggregate Index represents less than half of the U.S. bond market and excludes approx. $20 trillion of securities. Accordingly, we perform rigorous, bottom-up research to uncover the most attractive risk-adjusted return opportunities across the entire fixed income spectrum, including investment grade corporates, high yield, bank loans, asset-backed securities and CLOs, non-agency residential mortgage-backed securities, commercial mortgage-backed securities, commercial real estate debt, municipals, agency residential mortgage-backed securities, and Treasury and agency securities. Focusing on relative value rather than the weights of a generic market index enables us to construct portfolios that are better suited to meet the return, yield and risk objectives of institutional investors.

Read our Fixed Income Outlook to learn more about how we are currently positioning portfolios to capitalize on relative value.

Segregation of Responsibilities Mitigates Behavioral Biases
A key component of our investment philosophy is the belief that investment decisions can be detrimentally influenced by the cognitive biases identified by behavioral finance. To avoid these biases, we have structured our investment process using specialist functions for Sector / Security Research, Macroeconomic Research, Portfolio Construction and Portfolio Management.

Low Correlation to Other Managers
Our security selection and sector allocation differentiate us from other managers, making our strategy an excellent complement within a multi-manager framework.

Repeatable, Scalable Approach
With our disciplined, systematic investment process and unique organizational structure, we believe that our Core and Core Plus Plus Fixed Income strategies are compelling solutions in all environments and can help institutional investors navigate the challenging fixed income landscape.

Strong Track Record

Core Fixed Income Composite Returns*
Top 1% of Competitor Universe Since Inception

Key Investment Professionals

Anne Walsh Anne B. Walsh, JD, CFA
Assistant CIO Fixed Income

Eric Silvergold Eric Silvergold
Portfolio Manager

James Michal James Michal
Portfolio Manager



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